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Programs Overview

At Metropolitan Community College we are dedicated to provide our students with quality education in their career fields.

MCC offers a variety of diploma and certifications to choose from. They all cater to the growing need of today’s robust work environment. These programs aim to familiarize the students with the work culture so they are able to better adapt to the real world. 

Global Management in Hospitality

2-Year Diploma

his two year diploma examines the various management roles in the hospitality industry and prepares skills to match those roles.​​

  • Potential Triple Credentials – AHLA, MCC and UCW

  • Pathway to Degree Programs takes as little as 3 years to complete

Business Communications

Certificate Program

Practical Business communication training for non-Native English speakers. The goal of this course is to polish the business writing and presentation skills essential in any workplace environment.

Hospitality Operations

1-Year Diploma

Our Hospitality  program can be taken full-time or part-time in one or two years.  Graduates have a variety of career options after completion. 

  • Potential Triple Credentials – AHLA, MCC and UCW

  • Pathway to Degree Programs

CELPIP Preparation

Test Preparation

A 3 week intensive course offered with a Guarantee policy of improvement of at least one CLB level.

International E-Sport Management

2-Year Diploma

The most exciting and unique program focusing on the ever growing e-sports industry. The one and only academic program in E-sport Management in Canada.

Advanced Paralegal

1-Year Diploma

50 weeks intensive program focuses on the general legal administrative work with a conceptual emphasis on administrative and legal procedures.