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Academic Calendar 2020-2021

MCC Vancouver Campus Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is the official information about programs and courses offered at Metropolitan Community College.  

Starting on January 1st, 2020, we will be offering standard scheduling on most of our programs with four semesters:  Fall (September - December), Spring (January - April), Summer I (May - June) and Summer II (July - August).  Certain short programs and part-time programs may have different schedule and students are encouraged to consult with college staff before registration.  

Students are expected to attend classes from the first day to the last day of each semester to ensure successful completion of courses.  Students are encouraged to take the Academic Calendar into consideration while making travel plans during semester break.  The College may not be able to make special arrangements for make-up exams or late arrival registrations.  

The programs, courses, dates in the Academic Calendar have been pre-determined and may change from time to time.  The College will notify students ahead of time for confirmation of any changes.  


September 8

2020 Fall semester begins

October 12

Thanksgiving (college closed)

November 11

Remembrance Day (college closed)

December 23

Last day of the semester for most programs


January 4

2021 Spring semester begins

February 15

Family Day (college closed)

April 2

Good Friday (college closed)

April 23

Last day of the semester for most programs

April 24

Semester break starts

May 3

2021 Summer I semester begins

May 24

Victoria Day (college closed)

June 25

Last day of the semester for most programs

July 5

2020 Summer II semester begins

August 2

B.C. Day (college closed)

August 27

Last day of the semester for most programs

The college is closed on Statutory Holidays, for more information please send an email to