COVID-19:  Meeting the expectations of the guidelines and protocols set out in the Government of Canada’s Guidance for Post-Secondary Institutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The following actions are summarized in response to the Government of Canada’s guidelines and protocols published July 24, 2020.


Adopting a risk-based approach to planning 

The MCC Safety plan enables daily tracking and risk assessment to support informed and timely decisions. These decisions will support either the increase or the reduction of COVID-19 transmission risk, based on MCC’s own community, as well as the external environment. Adherence to public health policies and guidelines, health-care services availability, and the ability to support students both on campus, in online environments and in self-isolation will also inform MCC’s response.


Personal measures to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19 

MCC’s community is actively instructed to stay informed and aware of public health advice. The College has introduced specific requirements to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19, including: COVID-19 Daily Checklist and temperature check to assess health and symptoms; practicing good hygiene, with appropriate signage and online resources including MCC’s COVID-19 Information & Updates web page; staying at home if symptomatic or ill; maintaining physical distancing; cleaning and disinfecting surfaces before and after use; required wearing of masks on campus; and reducing personal non-essential travel.


International Students

MCC’s quarantine plan for students arriving from outside of Canada follows the requirements for a quarantine plan as described in the Emergency Act (i.e. students will self-quarantine or self-isolate for 14 days; must not be in contact with a vulnerable person; and have access to life necessities including food and any medication).


Measures to prevent and limit spread of COVID-19 within the context of post-secondary institutions MCC’s plan includes the following actions:


  1. Access of MCC campus for students, staff and visitors is constantly assessed in response to local public health agency guidelines. These guidelines are constantly monitored by MCC to ensure the plan remains current;

  2. The campus floor plan, layout and protocols have been adapted to monitor each member of the community as they enter the campus. For the entire community, monitoring includes verification that MCC’s COVID-19 Daily Checklist has been completed and a temperature check taken. Accessible signage is in place on campus to support compliance and staff training has been completed. Members of the community can request private screening. The Daily Wellness Check ensures the entire community is kept informed of the need to check for symptoms, and the steps required should anyone feel unwell or believe they may have symptoms. These steps include the need to stay home and away from others, and avoid coming to campus;

  3. The campus features multiple physical distancing measures. Physical distancing signage posted, and plexiglass is installed in the reception area. All rooms comply with physical distancing guidelines with seating spaced at least 2 meters apart, and signage clearly displaying specific seating and access areas. The student community accesses classes both on campus and virtually, which reduces the number of students on campus to further ensure appropriate physical distancing;

  4. Two sanitizer stations are available to facilitate hand washing and sanitization. The entire campus space is frequently deep cleaned;

  5. Face masks are mandatory in the campus learning and community space and may only be removed in private offices where social distancing are maintained;

  6. MCC’s plan proactively assesses the health of the entire community on campus on a daily basis, using the COVID-19 Daily Checklist and temperature checks. Attendance is taken at all classes, for students both on-campus and online. Should any member of the community either on campus or at home report symptoms or exposure to the virus, protocols are in place to self-isolate and seek medical attention, in accordance with PHA requirements;

  7. Protocols are in place to advise the campus community in the event of an outbreak or exposure. Should a member of the MCC community contravene any protocols, the College will work with PHA to take the required steps.



Responding to a COVID-19 outbreak 

MCC has adopted the Case Management Protocols to respond appropriately.


Recovery from a COVID-19 outbreak

Employee Leave Protocols has been adopted to support outbreak recovery.