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Self-isolation/quarantine Plan
Protocols for Safe Arrival of International Students

Metropolitan Community College has adopted a quarantine plan for international students. The plan is designed to support international student safe arrival and self-isolation/quarantine in preparation for study at Metropolitan Community College while COVID-19 presents a risk to our community. The Self-isolation/quarantine Plan is broken into four stages: Pre-arrival communication, Pre-arrival travel planning; Quarantine Period, and Post-quarantine Period.

This plan will be updated regularly by the Metropolitan Community College to reflect changes in response to new information, updated procedures, or guidance from the Provincial Health Officer or relevant governing authorities. Comments or suggestions regarding the plan are encouraged and may be sent to admin office,


Stage I: Pre-arrival communication

Metropolitan Community College will provide ongoing communication with students outside of Canada regarding safe-travel to Canada and mandatory self-isolation/quarantine in the following modes and with the following messages:

Modes of communication:

  1. Direct emails sent to agencies as well as prospective and returning students not currently in Canada.

  2. Direct response from admission staff for 1:1 support upon agency/student’s request, via email, telephone or video-conference.

  3. Ongoing website updates and resources on the ‘COVID-19 Information & Updates’ page, which is highlighted on top of every page on our website.


Messages of communication

  1. Requirement to notify Metropolitan Community College if intending to travel to Canada within 4 weeks.

  2. Requirement to submit student’s self-isolation plan (including airport transfer) to Metropolitan Community College for tracking.

  3. Submission of self-isolation plan to the BC Government

  4. Submission of plan via the “ArriveCAN” app to the Government of Canada

  5. Instructions for purchase of medical insurance and MSP application

  6. Instructions for timing of travel to meet the 14-day self-isolation requirement

  7. Transportation and mask requirements for arrival
    a) Public transit from airport to quarantine location is not permitted
    b) Masks where not required by a transit provider (taxi) are recommended
    c) Taxi and ride-share service numbers must be provided to our college

  8. Pre-vetted full-service self-isolation accommodation package provider resources 

  9. Additional food services delivery options

Stage II: Pre-arrival travel planning

Pre-travel quarantine support planning involves student acknowledgement of the relevant laws, and ensuring they have made proper arrangements for a successful quarantine period upon arrival.

Prior to their travel to Canada, we will communicate with students (and their co-arriving dependents) and ask them to provide:

  1. A copy of valid Study Permit OR a copy of the initial study permit approval issued before March 18th, 2020. If they are traveling from the U.S., a Letter of Instruction or initial study permit approval, issued on any date;

  2. A copy of the purchased medical insurance for the 90-day waiting period, or proof of arrangement upon arrival;

  3. Confirmation of in-Canada communication options and preferences;

  4. A copy of the self-isolation plan with details including:

a) Details of airport transportation to quarantine place upon arrival

b) Quarantine accommodation location and confirmation if a private provider

c) Confirmation of download of ArriveCAN app.

d) Medical insurance requirements acknowledgment


Stage III: Quarantine period

The quarantine period is set-up to achieve three priorities:

i.   compliance with the quarantine act and Ministry of Health guidelines,

ii.  social, physical (nutrition/medicine) and emotional support during isolation, and

iii. preparation for post-quarantine success.

The current quarantine period is 14 days upon arriving in Canada. Our college will support students
with necessary resources and enforce compliance during the quarantine period with the following

1. Arrival: Student met at airport by pre-planned transport provider

2. Arrival: Student checks-in using pre-arrival plan method agreed to in Stage II.
3. Daily quarantine check-in by video conferencing with the student to ensure the student is
compliant and undertaking his/her self-isolation/quarantine plan. The quarantine compliance
check-in starts from the first day of arrival till quarantine ends. Our college will conduct the
following duties during the check-in:

a) Conduct regular check-ins over video chat function to ensure compliance 
b) Remind the student to use ArriveCAN app regularly
c) Provide the student with successful quarantine tips, tricks and resources
d) Check for special needs for food/meal/medicine/socio-emotional
e) Share online school resources such as academic preparation and placement test info
f) Answer in-scope questions and referral/follow-up for out-of-scope

4. Provision of campus guidelines and online services reminder
5. Provision of information on anti-racism and COVID-19 stigma supports


Provisions for any compliance issues found during the quarantine period:

If a potential compliance issue with student’s self-isolation/quarantine is found, the College will immediately report such issue to our local public health authority Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) by phone. We will also inform the student of such reporting has been made and encourage the student to contact Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) by calling 1-888-268-4319 or 604-736-2033. In addition, the College will also provide weekly updates to BC EQA by completing and emailing the Institutional Reporting Template to

Provisions if students in quarantine period shows COVID-19 symptoms:

The Director of the College assumes responsibility for case management if a student is showing symptoms while during quarantine period. Actions of support include:

  • Immediately contacting 8-1-1 to report symptoms while in quarantine period

  • Provide student with information resources such as self-diagnostic information

  • System navigation for accessing health services as needed

  • Twice or more daily health check-ins with the student

  • Enhanced needs assessment (food, medicine, mental health, etc.) and follow-up

  • Updating of the quarantine time-frame with public health guidance

Stage IV: Post-quarantine Period

The post-quarantine period is characterized by ongoing and regular communications related to student service offerings, student success programming, and continued vigilance with regard to protecting self and community while COVID-19 presents a risk to our community. Communication for international students is conducted through emails, social media and the Metropolitan Community website. In addition to regular Metropolitan Community College student services, the following services have been enhanced during the pandemic to support international students:

Mental health
Students experiencing anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic have access to the following resources:

  • the College’s confidential student counselling services

  • Here2Talk offering mental-health counselling available 24/7

  • WE Well-being offering online resource to support social and emotional well-being

Technical support
During regular office hours (9:30am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday), Metropolitan Community College provide immediate IT support and resources to solve the problems students may encounter during their online education. IT Support including but not limited to the following:

  • Cisco Webex App for attending online courses

  • Moodle online learning platform

Updated on: Nov 12, 2020

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