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Paralegal Co-op Program

Optional Co-op (Paid Work Experience) Program

The advanced paralegal program is offered with a optional co-op component and without.  The co-op is a 24-week paid work experience program.  It is a requirement of graduation from the paralegal studies for those taking it, and benefits all students (domestic and international).  This work-study program is designed to seamlessly walk students from classroom experience to the real and invaluable world of work.

The college collaborates with a number of employers in the public and private sectors in providing co-op opportunities to its students.  International students must obtain a work permit from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)  and International Experience Canada  before undertaking the co-op experience.  The College will assist by providing students with the required institutional documents, as long as they are in a satisfactory academic standing at the time of co-op.