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Dr C Okoye

A Brief Profile

Dr Cyril Okoye, BA (Brandon), MPA (Manitoba), FCCS, MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (Leeds), CCPM, KC

President of Metropolitan Community College, Dr Okoye is a seasoned academic, educator, entrepreneur and strategic planner.  He is also a Consultant Academic and Criminologist with substantial practical wisdom. Dr Okoye was the founding director of the BCc Peace Foundation, an applied criminology and criminal justice centre located at the Discovery Park, Simon Fraser University. The Foundation undertook research into and consultancy work on youth criminality behaviour, crime and criminal justice system.  Dr Okoye was also a Commissioner for Oaths in and for the Province of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  He was selected as a Consultant to the Government of British Columbia on strategic research.  Notably, Dr Okoye worked as a Consultant to the Premier Prison Services in London, United Kingdom (a subsidiary of Wackenhut Corrections Corporations, Florida, USA) on prison regime operational policy and procedures. The term of reference was to provide expert submission in writing on prison regime operational policy and procedure, accreditation standard requirements, program development and implementation.

Dr Okoye’s experience of the criminal justice system, first as a practitioner in Canada (with the Manitoba Attorney General Department, Corrections Division) and in the UK (with Premier Prison Services under Wakenhurt Prisons Corporation, and Home Office through field work in prisons), and second as an academic in Canada (with the University of Manitoba and the University of the Fraser Valley), and in the UK (with Cambridge University, Leeds University and The Open University) spans well over thirty years. Dr Okoye has held both faculty and senior level administrative posts in universities and colleges both in Canada and abroad. Specifically, he was on the academic faculty (Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice) of the University of Fraser the Valley in British Columbia, and taught two undergraduate level courses: a) Youth Court and Young Offenders, and b) Problem Management Skills and Strategies for Criminal Justice Personnel. He was also on the faculty of the University of Manitoba, the University of Leeds, and the UK Open University, and has served as a guest lecturer in criminology and criminal justice at the Global College of the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Kwantlen University in Surrey, British Columbia.

In addition to mentoring the successful completion of a post-graduate (PhD) thesis, Dr Okoye has prepared and taught many undergraduate courses (including approaches to Fraud Investigation, Fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation, etc), post-graduate and professional development courses (including Controlling Shoplifting, Dimensions of Employee Theft, Fraudulent Claims: Insurance and Social Benefits).  He is versed in the experience of developing and implementing international co-operation agreements between tertiary institutions within the purview of strategic alliance in cross-border education of UNESCO; and more specifically in the context of international student recruitment and educational fairs, liaising with Canadian Missions abroad on international student visa requirements.  He also successfully negotiated with institutions of higher education abroad on mutually beneficial student and faculty exchange programs, internationally funded academic research projects collaborations, promotion of broad-based curriculum developments and articulations in both public and private post-secondary institutions, developing program accreditations, and forging partnerships in diverse areas of education between institutions of higher learning.

Dr Okoye has a BA in Political Science and a near-double major in Sociology from Brandon University, an MPA (Master of Public Administration, emphasizing Criminal Justice Administration) from the University of Manitoba, an MPhil (Master of Philosophy in Criminology) from Cambridge University, and a PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Leeds University. He was on the external program of London University’s LLM (Master of Laws), UK. Dr Okoye has written on a variety of criminology and criminal justice topics including in broad terms, victimization of the elderly, courts, correctional policies on privatization, youth delinquency, as well as a number of monographs on varying subjects, including an informational literature on immigration entitled Canada Immigration Procedures.  Although Dr Okoye has since retired from immigration practice, the literature was written at the time he was an active senior immigration consultant for six years (1984-90). This was well before immigration consultancy became a regulated profession in Canada by virtue of Bill C-35.  He has made several scholarly contributions to a number of plenary committees, including the Special Select Standing Committee on Education in British Columbia, comprising members of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly (MLAs). His address to the Committe was considered both highly acclaimed and seminal, informing the promulgation of a pioneering piece of legislation in British Columbia which granted university status to private institutions of higher education in the province (see Government of British Columbia Hansard (2001), Legislative Session 2nd Session, 37th Parliament, Select Standing Committee on Education), and Andrew MacLeod, “Trying to Keep Public Eye on Private Education,” Georgia Straight publication, (Feb 19, 2004).

Dr Okoye is a Fellow of Cambridge Commonwealth Society (UK), a member of IFEPS (International Forum for the Advancement of Education in Penal Systems), and has served as Chair of different voluntary associations.  He was a Director for the British Columbia Career Colleges Association (BCCCA), Vancouver, and is currently an educator member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), a world-wide association with headquarters in the USA, whose mission statement “is to reduce the incidence of fraud and assist [its] membership in the detection and deterrence of fraud.”  Further, Dr Okoye has chaired a number of committees on students’ admissions.

He was knighted in the Order of Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Carney Assembly, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  Sir, Dr Okoye is also a paramount chief, as well as a member of and adviser to the Igwe, His Royal Majesty, H.R.M. Igwe (Engr.) Chinyelugo Emeka Efobi, Ezeogu II of Abatete (Sir, Dr Okoye’s hometown traditional prime minister) and Igwe-in-Council (the legislative organ and cabinet of Sir, Dr Okoye’s hometown government).  In recognition of Sir, Dr Okoye’s varied achievements, the Igwe-in-Council and His Royal Majesty, H.R.M. Igwe (Engr.) Chinyelugo Emeka Efobi, Ezeogu II of Abatete conferred upon him the coveted title of Ichie Okaka Okammuta (revered and erudite scholar).