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Dispute Resolution / Grade Appeal Policies

Dispute Resolution Policy

It is the policy of Metropolitan Community College to resolve all disputes and conflict cases in the most efficient and fair manner possible.  Should a dispute or conflict arise, the following procedure will be followed:

 a) Dispute Resolution Steps

Step I:     The student will try to resolve any disputes or conflicts directly with the person involved.

Step II:    If the dispute is still not resolved, the student may approach their instructor with details of the dispute in writing.  The instructor will respond in writing within three (3) days.

Step III:   If the instructor is not appropriate or the instructor does not resolve the matter, the student may take the dispute in writing to the College Director. The Director will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, including interviewing the student and witness(es), if applicable. Following completion of the investigation, the College Director will respond in writing within ten (10) business days.

Step IV:  If the dispute has still not been resolved and the student is not satisfied with the outcome at Step III, the College Director will (with the consent of the student) refer the matter to the Better Business Bureau for a binding arbitration.  Such a referral will be at cost to the student, or the student may elect (again at cost) to pursue an alternative legal avenue of dispute resolution.

b)     Special Circumstances

We realize that there may be situations in which a student honestly feels that approaching his/her instructor as the first step in a dispute resolution may not be appropriate perhaps because the instructor is a party to the dispute, or for some other reasons.  In any such event, the student may take the complaint in writing directly to the College Director at Step (III) above.

c)     Final and Binding Effect

Our resolution to a dispute at any step is final and binding on all of us unless the dispute progresses to the next step. A decision at Step (IV) is final and binding on all parties without recourse to an appeal.

Grade Appeal Procedure

Students who are dissatisfied with their grades may avail themselves of the grade appeal procedure below.

If a student is dissatisfied with the grade received for a mid-term or final course assessment and can provide evidence that a higher grade is warranted s/he should discuss with his/her instructor.  The instructor will reconsider the grade and, if warranted, assign a different grade.

  1. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of his/her appeal to the instructor, s/he should submit a written appeal to the College Director.
  2. The College Director will obtain a copy of the mid-term or final assessment from the instructor and will have the assessment re-marked by another instructor.
  3. If the assessment achieves a higher grade on re-mark, the higher grade will be assigned to the student.  If the assessment achieves a lower grade on re-mark, the original grade will be retained.
  4. If a grade appeal is reviewed by the College Director, the grade assigned following the re-mark and review will be final and cannot be appealed further.