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International Students

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Students are welcome from across the globe. If you are interested in studying in Canada, we will be happy to assist you in realizing your dreams. Our admission policy is non-discriminatory, and we accept students from all social and cultural backgrounds. We encourage you to apply and begin your studies with us. You may apply online, by fax or in-person. Either way, you will deal with our friendly Admissions Officers, who will help you with information on specific issues, involving:

Paralegal Co-op Program

Co-op (Paid Work Experience) Program

The College operates a 24-week paid work experience program, popularly known as Co-op, in its paralegal advanced diploma program.  It is a requirement of graduation from the paralegal studies and benefits all students (domestic and international) admitted into the program.  This work-study program is designed to seamlessly walk students from classroom experience to the real and invaluable world of work.

The college collaborates with a number of employers in the public and private sectors in providing co-op opportunities to its students.  International students must obtain a work permit from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)  and International Experience Canada  before undertaking the co-op experience.  The College will assist by providing students with the required institutional documents, as long as they are in a satisfactory academic standing at the time of co-op.

Obtaining Student Visa / Study Permit

Students from foreign countries who wish to come to Canada to study must enroll in an institution of learning that is registered with the government. The responsible government agency for the registration of Private Colleges and Universities in British Columbia is the Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB) of the Advanced Ministry of Education, British Columbia.

  • A short-term language course (e.g. ESL) that does not exceed six (6) months in duration requires no study permit in Canada. Find out more from CIC.
  • Applicants wishing to enroll in other courses or programs of study exceeding a six(6)-month completion period, must first apply and obtain the required visa/study permit authorization from the Canadian Mission abroad nearest to them.
  • To apply and obtain your visa, visit the Canadian Immigration website, follow the instructions on how to apply for your student visa, complete the relevant application form and attach all required supporting documents to the form, including but not limited to:

a)   letter of acceptance from Metropolitan Community College;

b)      visa processing application fee;

c)      proof of medical insurance;

d)     police extract showing no criminal record;

e)   a valid passport;

f)   evidence supporting you have sufficient funds for your studies and living expenses in Canada;

g)   because visa processing time varies between countries, and can take an appreciable length of time, it is advisable to apply for your visa as soon as you receive the Letter of Acceptance from Metropolitan Community College.

Canada Border Services Agency

  • While on board your flight en route to Canada, you are required to complete the in-flight Canada Customs declaration form, whether or not you have anything to declare.
  • This form must be completed truthfully, to avoid legal penalties. Canada Customs information is available from Canadian Missions abroad (e.g Embassy, Consular Service and High Commission).
  • Generally students can bring with them into Canada reasonable amounts of permitted items for personal use.

Entering Canada via the USA

  • If you plan to enter Canada through the United States of America, you are strongly advised to apply and obtain the US entry visa well in advance of your scheduled date to depart for Canada. Visit the United States Consular Service website, for more information.

Visa Renewals

Now you are in Canada studying, what next?

There will come a time when you have to renew your visa:

  • Much like the first time you applied and obtained your visa/study permit, renewing your visa can equally take a considerable length of time.
  • It is strongly suggested that you begin the process of renewing your study permit at least six (6) weeks before its expiry date.
  • The College will assist by providing you with the required institutional documents, as long as you are in a satisfactory academic standing at the time of your visa renewal.

Visit the Canadian Immigration website for more information.



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