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Student Success Guide

Because we are committed to ensuring the success of our students, this guide has been prepared to help you in attaining success during your study period and after graduation.

During Study Period

  • In the first day of school and before the start of formal classes, all students are required to attend the orientation course, which focuses on self-awareness, learning skills, goal-setting, note-taking and writing, career management, money management while studying and after graduation, and strategies for repaying student loans for those students on Canada student loan or other forms of obligatory financial assistance.
  • Small class sizes allow for individual interaction with instructors so that learning difficulties and challenges are identified at the early stage and addressed.
  • Tutorial support is available after class, and students are encouraged to approach instructors with questions on their courses.  A mandatory 3-credit course on Career Development Strategies identifies a variety of job opportunities and equips students with skills to search, obtain and sustain employment.
  • Attend all scheduled classes punctually, report absences to your instructor and complete all assignments in time.
  • Interim progress report (transcript) is provided to students before reaching the first one-third of their study period – the critical time after which time tuition fee refund ceases to apply. It is also the critical period for the identification of the warning signs of poor academic performance for early intervention.
  • Successful completion of your program of study is key to finding employment, sustaining one’s self and repaying all financial obligations (student loan or otherwise) and living a debt free life.

After Graduation

  • The College maintains contact with students following graduation.
  • Students are reminded to update their personal information with the College, StudentAid BC and National Student Loan centre (for those on Canada student loan) and with financial institutions and agencies to whom they have financial obligations of prepayment.
  • Students are reminded at regular intervals of the benefits of being debt-free after graduation, maintaining regular and current loan repayment obligations.
  • Following graduation, you are encouraged to use the College facility for job search, contact and visit the employment facilitator and access relevant resources to facilitate your transition into the workplace.

To assist graduates with being debt-free after graduation, maintain good credit history with financial institutions and Canada Student Loan for future borrowing purposes, the materials below are strongly recommended, and altogether make an excellent reading:

Baker, M, The Debt Free Graduate (1998),  HarperCollins Canada

The College Money Guys (2010)

Hoyes, D. Fresh Start: A Concise Guide to Living Debt Free, (Ontario: Hoyes Michales & Associates)

Sports and Fitness

Staying physically active and fit can stimulate learning. The College has negotiated a significantly discounted membership fee with fitness clubs very near to the campus for all of its students. You are encouraged to take advantage of it. Access to nearby local community centres with reduced fee for fitness participation is also available. Additionally, occasional scenic tours are arranged to different tourist attraction centres, and students are encouraged to join the tour group.

Tutorial Support

In addition to classroom lectures and clinical sessions, students may contact their instructors for advice and guidance throughout the course, and they will provide feedback on continuous assessments. Whatever the demands on your study commitments, our programs provide you with an achievable way to develop your career and obtain a qualification.

Job Search Support


Metropolitan Community College provides guidance and job search resources to all of its program participants and graduates. These include: assistance with resume preparation and updates, cover letters, interview preparation, job search strategies, web and Internet access, and career networking.

Financial Assistance

Funding may be available to eligible candidates. Please check with the Admissions Office or read more on funding types and availability.

Homestay / Accommodation Assistance

  • Finding a suitable accommodation in a city where you have no family can be very challenging. The College assists students to eliminate this very real worry of finding suitable accommodations. The accommodation can be a single-person apartment/flat, a shared apartment or house, or indeed a homestay (living in a room of a family home with or without meals).
  •  Many students choose homestay accommodation where they can become a part of a Canadian family, learn about Canadian culture, and practise English. Metropolitan Community College can pre-arrange full or half-board homestay accommodation and airport reception. Students and their families can also receive assistance with finding shared accommodation or renting an apartment.
  • If you would want an assistance with accommodation arrangement, let us know immediately and complete the application for homestay accommodation assistance

An application for Homestay Accommodation Assistance can be downloaded here. For further information, please contact the College.

Airport Service

An airport pick-up service is available to students. A representative of Metropolitan Community College collects newly arrived students from the airport.  The fee for this service is $250.00.  Where possible, homestay families may be able to collect and take students back to the airport. In the event the family is not able do so, a representative of the College for a fee of $250.00 will provide the service for each way; otherwise,  the student will be responsible for arranging his/her transportation to and from the airport. Should you wish airport collection by the College, contact us.
Further information is available online for both the Abbotsford and Vancouver International airports.

Health Care Insurance

Being healthy and in active state of mind is one important ingredient for the successful completion of a course of study. This is an issue that the College takes seriously for the benefit of students and makes suggestions as follows:

All international students should take out a medical insurance policy at the time they purchase their flight tickets, and before travelling to Canada. A number of travel agencies sell student travel medical insurance for which an inquiry can be made online. One example is the BCAA Travel Insurance: www.bcaa.com/travell.  Also for information on extended health and dental care coverage, visit:

Desjardins Insurance
Blue Cross Insurance
BCAA Insurance

The travel insurance is important, since medical expenses of non-British Columbia residents are not covered by the provincial government.  However, when you arrive in British Columbia for your study, you will be eligible for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage after a three-month waiting period.  For more information, visit:  MSP

  • MSP’s monthly costs are $66.50 for one person, $120.50 for a family of two, and $133.00 for a family of three or more.  visit the Revenue Services of BC website on how to pay your MSP premiums.

–  Always keep your medical insurance card in your possession at all times for emergency purposes.

– Should you become ill or poorly, you will be required to present your medical insurance card to the attending receptionist either in a walk-in clinic or hospital.

– Walk-in clinics are easily accessible and often require no appointment in order to see a doctor.

– When you arrive on campus, detailed information on walk-in clinics, hospitals, ambulatory services, emergency calls and bus routes will be provided to you by the College on enquiry.  Remember to enquire at the front desk.
– The travel insurance is important, since medical expenses of non-British Columbia residents are not covered by the provincial government.  However, when you arrive in British Columbia for your study, you will be eligible for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage after a three-month waiting period.  For more information, visit:  MSP

Advice to Students

When thinking about studying with us or with any other institution, we recommend that you carefully consider asking yourself some kind of self-assessment questions. The answers you are able to give to these questions will very much tell you how prepared you are to begin your study. Some of these self-assessment questions are:

  • Am I prepared to study at this level in the program of my choice, or can Metropolitan Community College Enrollment Team advise me on how best to prepare?
  • How much time will I need for my study, and how will I make the time?
  • What are my aims in studying, and am I happy that the program I choose helps me towards achieving my aims?
  • Do I feel I know enough about the program I choose and/or the qualification, or do I need more information, or do I need to have a look at the course materials for my program?
  • Have I studied at Higher Education Level before, and has this affected my choice of a program of study?
  • Can I afford the fees, or would I be eligible for any financial assistance?
  • Am I concerned about any special needs that I may have due to my disability or illness, and can the College help me with these concerns?