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Advanced Paralegal Diploma Program


This is an advanced paralegal program of study offered by Metropolitan Community College. The program offers an advanced diploma credential on the successful completion of all prescribed course requirements, and admits internationally trained lawyers who aspire to practise law in Canada as well as those without law background, but who have secondary school qualification or mature student status, and aspire to become competent paralegals.

The program offers the opportunity for both full- and part-time studies, including evenings and weekends.  The program is designed to provide formal instruction in a socratic style of teaching law, as well as to promote exchange of ideas in areas of substantive law, procedural law, and legal skills courses within the Canadian context.  It aims to help all students discover the challenges offered by a career in the Canadian legal field.  It also provides them with more than just legal facts and theories. Indeed, students will have the opportunity to study substantive, procedural, and legal skills courses as they apply to Canada.

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