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Corporate Partnership

As part of our much wider community outreach, the College operates a program of partnership with agencies, institutions of education and business organizations – small, medium and large.  The corporate partnership program involves the customization of professional development courses to satisfy specifically identified training needs of the corporate partner.  These contract training courses which can either be delivered on the corporate site or on the college campus, whichever works for the partner.

Although inexhaustive, the list of courses suggested for corporate partners’ considerations include:

  • Workplace Fraud Detection, Deterrence and Prevention
  • Managing and Dealing with Workplace Stress
  • Reducing Inventory Shrinkage in the Workplace
  • Anger Management
  • Training Trainers
  • Developing Positive Relationships in the Workplace





Aboriginal Peoples

We have developed a network of relationships with Aboriginal organizations, and a variety of employment skills programs have been offered in partnership with First Nations.  Different bands with access to funding and advancement of members have funded (and continue to fund) Aboriginal students attending Metropolitan Community College. Press Releases and Aboriginal Peoples Success Story demonstrate the diversity of our curriculum and outreach programs.


Community Outreach

Reflecting on its diverse community base, below is a brief resume of programs delivered by the College in partnership with other local institutions, agencies and Aboriginal Peoples Bands:

Year Program Name Partners in Education
1993 Life Skills/Pre – Employment Training Program Evaluation Seabird Island
1994 Needs Assessment Mission Community Child Care
1995 First Nations Education Assessment Agassiz SD #37
1996 Program Administration and Evaluation Four Directions Traditional Healing Society
1996/97 Program Admin Learning to Learn
(Community Literacy Project)
1997 Homework Plus+ Program
1997 Initiated program for ESL
1997 Summer Fun Plus+
1997 ESL/FSL Katimavik
1997 Collaboration with Open Learning Open Learning
1997/98 Program Administration Bridge to Learning (Community Literacy)
1998 Welcomer’s Program Employment Training
1998 Commercial Floristry Training Program HRDC – Employment Training
1998 ESL/Career Training for the Forest Worker’s Transition Program of BC
1998 Healthy Directions – Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Teens
1998 Ready, Set, Go! Employment Training
1998 ESL/FSL Katimavik
1998 Introduction of Continuing Education Courses Continuing Education
1998 ESL/Career Training for the Forest Worker’s Transition Program of BC
1998 Building Service Worker Program with ESL Component Landscaping Sto:lo Nation
1999 Office Professions 2000+ training Mentor Consortium
1999 Building Service Worker Program with ESL component
1999 Pre – Trades Employment Training
1999 Cook Training /ESL
1999/03 New Directions (CET) Community Employment Training (CET) funded by MSDES (now MHR)
2003 New Horizons – Bridging to Present Employment Program (BEP) funded by MHR
2006 to 2012 British Columbia Employment Program (BCEP) funded by the Ministry of Housing and Social Development