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International Agents

Agent’s Corner

Promotional and other information materials for agents may be accessed here. Access is restricted only to authorized student recruitment agents of Metropolitan Community College.

Student Recruitment Agents

Metropolitan Community College works very closely with recruitment agents and their associates across the globe. We value the contributions of our agents because they play vital roles in ensuring that a steady stream of good students gain admission into Metropolitan Community College and realize their dreams of studying in Canada. They also provide complete and accurate information about our programs, and assist prospective students with planning and preparing for their travel to Canada.

If you are currently recruiting students for any institution, or simply interested in becoming an agent, please feel free to tell us about yourself/agency, by completing the Agents Application Form. The information you provide will be processed to determine your eligibility as one of our many reputable agents. Once your application is approved, we will be happy to complete the final arrangement that will establish you as an authorized agent of Metropolitan Community College.