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Faculty and Advisory Board

Our Instructors


All of our instructors and advisers have had real-world experience, in addition to holding advanced qualifications in their field. Each instructor has extensive classroom experience and understands quite well both the wishes of employers to attract qualified personnel and the struggle of students to juggle the demands of study, family commitments and the need to train to high standards to be sufficiently competitive on the job market.

To add to this understanding, our instructors are also highly accomplished at accommodating various learning styles and proficiency-based performance. Every student has a personal tutor, who is a subject specialist.  A student may contact the tutor for advice and guidance throughout the course, and the tutor will provide feedback on continuous assessment.  Whatever the demands on a student’s study commitments, our programs provide the student with an achievable way to develop a career and obtain a qualification.  We don’t just pay a lip service to the idea of being student-oriented, we are indeed both student-oriented and student-focused.


Faculty at Metropolitan Community College are industry professionals and hold appropriate credentials in their relevant disciplines. The College chooses faculty and staff carefully, and provides the former with necessary instructional support. All are professionals dedicated to giving quality instruction to students in the most practical and efficient way, making learning a very pleasant experience.

A number of those teaching on the academic program have terminal degrees (i.e. PhD) in their areas of expertise. The minimum academic qualification to be on the faculty is a Master’s degree, or a professional designation for professional programs (e.g. Accounting), although a Bachelor’s degree with substantial industry experience is sometimes considered for non-academic programs (e.g. Job Skills Training programs).

Advisory Board

The College is fortunate to receive the generous assistance of expert advisors that sit on its Advisory Board.  The Board is drawn from a cross-section of the community, including business persons, social workers, health care professionals, lawyers, educators, police, prison personnel and other appropriate persons.  This combination of backgrounds in the decision-making process is important because it ensures that the satisfaction of students’ needs, regular curriculum review and quality programming rank top in the priority list of the Board.

Adding to the Board’s overarching aim and its membership composition, a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) is structured for each program of study, and as a sub-category of the Board.  The PAC members are a mix of subject specialists, employers and representatives from the general student body.  Each PAC advises the institution on the content and delivery of the program for which it is constituted, the qualifications of instructors and the adequacy of the equipment and resources used in delivering the particular program.  The College consults its PAC regularly to help develop and continually update its courses, and to ensure that its programs of study reflect the changing requirements and advances in particular industries.