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Welcome to Metropolitan Community College

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Welcome Message

Metropolitan Community College is fully registered with and accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) of British Columbia.  The accreditation process is customarily rigorous and indepth.  It represents an assurance to the public that the College has met (and continuous to satisfy) the rather expansive academic and administrative oversight of the Agency.

It gives me great pleasure, therefore, to welcome you all to Metropolitan Community College, and to encourage those of you who are still not sure of pursuing further education that the time is right to do so now. The reason for this word of encouragement is simple. As the world evolves, there are many challenges that come with it. Education is one way of keeping pace with the rapidly changing world and its challenges.

Our programs of study reflect our attempts to keep pace with this changing world and have evolved into on-line and in-class deliveries, giving you a much wider option for registration.  Our courses are specifically designed with learners like you in mind.  Students appreciate our small class sizes, our devotion to making learning a pleasant experience, and finally our team of qualified instructors’ dedications to helping students achieve their study goals.

As Vice-President, Academic and International,  I am delighted that you are reading this message. I would like to think that your decision to study at Metropolitan Community College is strengthened by a common belief that our efforts can open doors and create opportunities as we work together to assist you in reaching your educational and career goals. We are truly a community of learners. It gives me great pleasure, once again, to welcome you into our community.

Dr David McLeod, PhD
Vice- President, Academic and International




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